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Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword

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A decoration that replicates a plant growing on rock. The design of the roots growing over the rock look realistic while being soft to the touch keeping them aquarium safe.

  • Flexible to shape the plant as you want
  • Realistic so you don't miss real plants too much
  • Easy to Clean for a low maintenance aquarium


15*15*40cm / 5.9*5.9*15.7inch 


Plastic leaves, plastic base

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Raymond Louvier
Great looking plant.

The product was sent promptly and the look of it in the tank is fairly realistic looking.

Cathleen Neese
Lovely product for a great price.

I was very pleased that the size of these plants and at the quality. They were packed carefully and shipped quickly. Extremely happy with my purchase

Alaina Dugas
Very nice plant!

Bought three of these specially for a 55gal angelfish tank I have running. Redid the scape today after recieving my order, along with two of the large flower grass plants. These Amazon swords are definitely the nicest of what I ordered! They are nice and tall and have big, broad leaves. Easy to bend and shape the plant as you want. They look great!

Richard S
Very nice!

Well made! Looks great!


Ordered the Amazon sword with roots. Honestly looks just as real as my living Amazon sword—only better. I love it!