Collection: Medium Plants

Make a statement in your aquarium with our collection of medium-sized artificial plants. Measuring between 10-30cm, these plants are perfect for aquariums ranging from 5-20 gallons in size. With a range of styles and shapes to choose from, you can easily create a lush underwater landscape that's both beautiful and practical.

Tank Size: Typically for medium to large tanks (10 gallons and above). However, all tanks have different dimensions so be sure to measure your aquarium to make sure all products fit.

Use Cases

Background or Midground Plants: These decorations are ideal for creating depth and dimension in your aquarium. They can be placed towards the middle or back of the tank depending on your tank size.

Hiding Equipment: They can be strategically placed to hide aquarium equipment such as filters, heaters, or air stones to make the tank more aesthetically pleasing.

Combination with Other Small and Large Decorations: Use smaller plants in the foreground to complement the medium-sized plants which will enhancing the sense of depth. Larger plants placed in the background can provide a backdrop for the medium-sized plants