Collection: Artificial Grass

Bring the natural beauty of the river bed to your aquarium with our collection of artificial grass. Perfect for creating a soft, carpet-like bed in your tank, our grass adds a touch of realism and texture to your underwater landscape. With a range of styles and colors to choose from.


Our artificial grass carpet looks like real grass, giving your aquarium a natural and authentic appearance.


Made from non-toxic materials, our aquarium grass is safe for all types of fish and won't cause any harm to their health or habitat. Add it to your tank without worrying about any adverse effects on your aquatic pets.


Our artificial grass does not require any special care or maintenance. Simply rinse it off with water when needed and it will stay vibrant and lush in your tank. Want some in-depth info on aquarium decor maintenance check out our article: "Tools and Tips For Aquarium Decoration Cleaning"